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The two most commonly-used sound absorption materials are high-quality acoustic foam and specialized acoustic fiberglass (no, not the stuff you buy at the hardware store). For brevity, at times we'll generically call acoustic foam just plain "foam," although there are very dramatic differences in cell structure and density between acoustic foam and the thousands of other types we could manufacture. (This is why you can't just run down to the local SuperMart and buy mattress pads with which to acoustically treat your studio.)

In addition to the two most popular types of acoustic absorption materials, Auralex offers a Class A, fire resistant, natural fiber panel called SonoFiber. SonoFiber acoustic panels are the perfect solution for those budget-conscious projects requiring a Class A fire rating without the aesthetic demands of designer treatments such as fabric-covered panels.

Acoustic sound absorption foam is well-suited to alleviate slap and flutter echo, the two most common problems in rooms not specifically designed for music recording and performance. In fact, foam can turn even the most cavernous warehouse or gymnasium into a suitable acoustic environment.

Recently, Auralex has changed the way that we produce our studiofoam to be more environmentally-friendly.

ProPanelsTMAuralex ProPanels

For the professional needing an aesthetic yet cost-effective alternative to full-wall fabric systems, Auralex ELiTE ProPanelsTM realize this necessity.
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StudioFoam® Wedges

Auralex Wedges

Studiofoam® Wedges are Auralex's most popular seller and our best overall absorber! Use 'em to treat small - to medium-sized areas including vocal booths, control rooms and sound studios.
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StudioFoam® PyramidsAuralex® Pyramids

Studiofoam® Pyramids are recommended for larger spaces, rooms with pronounced low frequency problems or where sonic accuracy is mandatory and stronger acoustic absorption is required.
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...And much more. The products listed above are those used most commonly in our clients' studios that we have assisted with the design and installation. To see everything offered by Auralex that we can provide to you, go HERE.