Audio / Microphones

Watch a COMPARISON VIDEO of some of the Mics listed below - hear the difference


Audio Technica AT897

Versatility of phantom power or
AA battery. Table top boundary mic...

Sennheiser ME66

reporting, film and broadcast location
for picking up quiet signals in...

Sennheiser MKH416

Top of the line shotgun microphone for
tv, film, and video production..

Sennheiser MKE400

Compact shotgun with connector
and mount for DSLRs..

Audio Technica BP4073 Shotgun

With an overall length
of just 9.17” and weight of...

The BP4073 Shotgun is ON SPECIAL

Regular: $699

NOW: $450

Save $250!

Mic shootout: Video

Hear a comparison of several of our popular mics.


Sennheiser MD46

increasing clarity while reducing
background noise. Film, Video, ENG...

Audio Technica PRO 41

This cardioid dynamic step-up
is built to survive the realities...

Audio Technica PRO 61

The premier Pro Series vocal
microphone delivers excellent gain ...


Sennheiser 112 G3

Fast, flexible and professional:
these characteristics make...

Sennheiser 100 G3

This ENG set offers a great
amount of flexibility for portable recording...

Sennheiser 10132 Replacement Mic

This mic is the one you need to replace a
missing mic from your G3 Kit:     $149.95


Audio Technica 899 Subminiture Wired Lav

AT899 is engineered for intelligible,
accurate voice reproduction...     $215