Grip / Stands

Watch an INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO covering "C-Stand Ninja Skills"

c-stand - sand bag combo

C-Stand & Sandbag Kit

Pretty straight forward; the most popular; the industry standard Matthews Century Stand includes 40' arm, grip head and necessary sand bag.
$8 / day.

holywood combo stand

Hollywood Combo Triple-Riser

Hollywood Combos have wide footprints and long legs for increased stability.
$20 / day.

mombo combo roller

Mombo Combo Triple-Riser

Matthews Mombo Combo stand, New Style. Shown here with several accessories, sold separately. Matthews' Mombo Combo fully extends to a height of 22 feet.
$20 / day.

baby c-stand

C-Stand Baby w/ Sliding Leg

20" C Stand w/ Sliding Leg, includes Grip Head and Stainless Steel Arm Max Ht: 63" Min Ht: 30" Capacity: 22 lbs. Weight: 8.25 lbs.
$8 / day.

high roller stand


Developed for flying Butterflies and Overheads on locations and supporting large backdrops in studios these stands feature wide bases for stability and terminate in the new 4 .5” Grip Head.
$20 / day.

medium-duty stand

Black - Medium Duty

These stands are manufactured from lightweight, hardened aluminum and will prove themselves reliable, robust supports on stage, set or location.
$7 / day.

baby combo stand

Baby Combo Stands

These compact Baby Combos have wide footprints and long legs for increased stability.
$15 / day.

MSE Quacker Clamp

Clamps and more

Of course, we also have a broad assortment of grip hardware such as the Quacker Clamp (above), Mafer Clamps, Cardellini Clamps, Grip Clips. Speed Rail parts & grid clamps and so much more.

This is just a sample of the wide assortment of Grip Stands available to rent in our store. Come by and we'll show you around!