Video Equipment / Recording Devices & Memory Cards

AtomOS Shogun Recorder

The ultimate 4K accessory -
adding the recording and monitoring features professionals demand.

$100 /day

AtomOS Record Drives

The Samurai Blade uses Drives:
120 GB @ $20 /day and
480 GB @ $40 /day.

SONY DVW-A500 DigiBeta Recorder

Digibeta Digital Betacam Editing Recorder
with Analog & SP Betacam playback capability.

$195 /day

SONY M75U DV-CAM MiniDV Recorder

Play or transfer your DV-CAM MiniDV tapes
while this Recorder/Play Deck still exists.

$95 /day

SONY HDV GV-HD700 Recorder Deck

Video Walkman VCR features 7" LCD Screen,
x.v.Color Technology - MiniDV digital cassette tapes.
$75 /day

SONY Hi8 GV-A500

This handy video walkman acts as a digital VCR, recording footage from TVs or camcorders onto Digital8 cassettes.

$55 /day

SONY MiniDV GV-D1000 Deck

The Sony D1000 Recorder

$45 /day